Caitlan Driver, CMCA, AMS
Association Manager

The Kilmarlic Residential Community is comprised of 175 selective home-sites nestled within the beautiful and scenic Kilmarlic Golf Club and is located just minutes from the beaches of North Carolina's historical Outer Banks. The property, developed in 2003, parallels the Albemarle sound and features a natural setting situated among 605 pristine acres of maritime forest and sprawling wetlands in Currituck County, 300 of which are designated as a nature preserve.

Local lore suggests the naming of the community. The Outer Banks is known for its wicked seas, bringing many ships to their final resting places along the Atlantic Coast. Such was the fate of one seafaring vessel carrying a cargo of whiskey from Kilmarlic, Scotland. All was not lost, as the barrels found their way to the shores of what is now Currituck County, and with this discovery a celebration commenced.

Kilmarlic — spawned by legend, built for the celebration of life and nature.

Photographs courtesy of J. Bargamin Photography.